Business Solutions

Business Co-Management Service: While customers are responsible for the daily operations and management of their own business activities, Datalink is responsible for providing operation resources such as venues, equipment, facilities, human resources, administrative support and the acquisition of relevant qualifications or licenses from relevant Administrations & Authorities to support the customers.

Outsourcing Services: On the basis of Business Co-management Services, Datalink is also responsible for operating and managing the business activities on behalf of the customers.

Regardless of whether the customers choose Business Co-Management Service or Outsourcing Services, Datalink can help customers to relieve themselves from the onerous of setting-up and managing a “branch office”, thus allowing customers to save the significant up-front capital expenditure, drastic shorten the time-to-market, enjoy the scalability and quick expansion, and above all, focus on the overall strategic planning and development of their core business.


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